believes that investors do not need to search hundreds of pages of documents to understand a stock’s value.

Over half a million financial documents are filed every year by publicly traded companies. These filings are cumbersome to access, can be over 100 pages and are highly unstructured. Finding useful information is difficult and collaboration is manual.

That’s why was built. This website provides unlimited access to these daily, yearly and quarterly financial statements. Using our online tools, any investor can speed read and analyze all this information in order to quickly understand a company’s financial well-being and to make better investments. Features include:

  • View up to ten years of 10-K annual reports
  • Access a company’s most recent 10-Q quarterly reports
  • Keep up to date with the latest corporate news from 8-K material events
  • Press releases of operations and financial conditions linked to their 10-K/Q
  • Save SEC filings as PDF, Word and Excel files for offline viewing and analysis
  • Direct links to every part of a company’s financial statement and disclosures
  • Sentiment analysis that highlights positive and negatives remarks by management, enhanced with

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