Precision Drilling Corp (PDS) SEC Filing 40-F Annual report for the fiscal year ending Sunday, December 31, 2017

Precision Drilling Corp

CIK: 1013605 Ticker: PDS

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Document And Entity Information
Consolidated Statements Of Cash Flow
Consolidated Statements Of Changes In Equity
Consolidated Statements Of Comprehensive Loss
Consolidated Statements Of Financial Position
Consolidated Statements Of Loss
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (tables)
Amounts Recognized As Expenses In Respect Of Operating Leases (detail)
Balance Sheet Classification Of Provisions And Other (detail)
Bank Indebtedness
Bank Indebtedness - Additional Information (detail)
Basis Of Preparation
Capital Management
Capital Management (tables)
Capital Management - Additional Information (detail)
Capital Management - Summary Of Capitalization And Ratio (detail)
Change In Property, Plant And Equipment (detail)
Change In Provisions And Other (detail)
Commitments (tables)
Commitments - Additional Information (detail)
Compensation Of Key Management Personnel (detail)
Components Of Accounts Payable And Accrued Liabilities (detail)
Components Of Accounts Receivable (detail)
Components Of Changes In Non-cash Working Capital Balances (detail)
Condensed Consolidating Statement Of Cash Flow (detail)
Condensed Consolidating Statement Of Comprehensive Loss (detail)
Condensed Consolidating Statement Of Financial Position (detail)
Condensed Consolidating Statement Of Loss (detail)
Contingencies And Guarantees
Contingencies And Guarantees - Additional Information (detail)
Description Of Business
Disclosure Of Liability Classified Plans (detail)
Employee Benefit Plan - Additional Information (detail)
Employee Benefit Plans
Expected Non-cancellable Operating Lease Payments (detail)
Finance Charges
Finance Charges (tables)
Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments (tables)
Financial Instruments - Additional Information (detail)
Goodwill (tables)
Goodwill - Additional Information (detail)
Income Taxes
Income Taxes (tables)
Income Taxes - Additional Information (detail)
Income Taxes - Summary Of Reconciliation Of Unrecognized Tax Benefits (detail)
Intangibles (tables)
Intangibles - Additional Information (detail)
Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt (tables)
Long-term Debt - Additional Information (detail)
Long-term Debt Maturities (detail)
Per Share Amounts
Per Share Amounts (tables)
Property, Plant And Equipment
Property, Plant And Equipment (tables)
Property, Plant And Equipment - Additional Information (detail)
Provisions And Other
Provisions And Other (tables)
Range Of Exercise Prices For Options Outstanding (detail)
Recast Of Prior Period Amounts
Recast Of Prior Period Amounts (tables)
Recast Of Prior Period Amounts - Summary Of Recast Prior Year Comparative Amounts (details)
Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transactions (tables)
Related Party Transactions - Additional Information (detail)
Schedule Of Intangibles (detail)
Schedule Of Issued Capital (detail)
Schedule Of Long Term Borrowings (detail)
Schedule Of Long Term Borrowings (parenthetical) (detail)
Schedule Of Property, Plant And Equipment (detail)
Schedule Of Provision For Income Taxes (detail)
Segmented Information
Segmented Information (tables)
Segmented Information - Additional Information (detail)
Share Based Compensation Plans
Share Based Compensation Plans (tables)
Share Based Compensation Plans - Additional Information (detail)
Shareholders' Capital
Shareholders' Capital (tables)
Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Accounting Policies (policies)
Significant Accounting Policies (tables)
Significant Accounting Policies - Additional Information (details)
Subsidiaries (tables)
Summary Of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (detail)
Summary Of Ageing Of Trade Receivables (detail)
Summary Of Allowance For Doubtful Accounts (detail)
Summary Of Changes In Long Term Borrowings (detail)
Summary Of Contractual Maturities Of Financial Liabilities And Other Contractual Commitments (detail)
Summary Of Finance Charges (detail)
Summary Of Financial Instruments Were Denominated In U S Dollars (detail)
Summary Of Goodwill (detail)
Summary Of Movement In Temporary Differences Of Deferred Tax Liabilities (detail)
Summary Of Net Deferred Tax Liability (detail)
Summary Of Operating And General And Administrative Expenses (detail)
Summary Of Operating Segments (detail)
Summary Of Operating Segments By Geographic Locations (detail)
Summary Of Per Share Amounts (detail)
Summary Of Property, Plant, And Equipment Expected Life Salvage Value And Basis Of Depreciation (detail)
Summary Of Shares Outstanding Under Share Based Incentive Plans (detail)
Summary Of Status Of Equity Incentive Plan (detail)
Summary Of Subsidiaries (detail)
Supplemental Information
Supplemental Information (tables)
Supplemental Information - Additional Information (detail)
Ticker: PDS
CIK: 1013605
Form Type: 40-F Annual Report
Accession Number: 0000950123-18-002938
Submitted to the SEC: Tue Mar 13 2018 8:22:21 AM EST
Accepted by the SEC: Tue Mar 13 2018
Period: Sunday, December 31, 2017
Industry: Drilling Oil And Gas Wells

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