Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results


Company Achieves Several Key Milestones, Continues International Expansion and Improves Gross Margins 850 Basis Points to 47.3%


DAVIS, Calif., August 14, 2018 -

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (“MBI” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: MBII), a leading provider of bio-based pest management and plant health products for the agriculture, turf and ornamental and water treatment markets, has provided its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2018.


Management Commentary


“We have continued to make solid operational progress, highlighted by our submission of MBI-014 bioherbicide to the EPA in August of 2018, continued excellent progress on international trials and submissions, and our support of growers in the burgeoning Cannabis market through the launch and approval of the CG brand of Regalia, Venerate and Grandevo,” said Dr. Pam Marrone, Founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations. “As California and Colorado do not allow the use of chemical pesticides on Cannabis, biopesticides are uniquely positioned in this market.


“We also continued to expand our reach both internationally—through a new partnership with Lidorr Chemicals in Israel and a forthcoming partnership in Vietnam —and domestically, through the expansion of our sales team into Idaho and eastern Washington.


“Our research and development and manufacturing initiatives continue to bear fruit, driving significant margin improvements, as evidenced by our 850 basis point increase in gross margins to 47.3% in the second quarter.


“The progress we’ve continued to make internally and with customers has put us in a strong position to execute upon our business plan and create long-term shareholder value.”


Q2 2018 Financial Summary


Revenues in the second quarter of 2018 totaled $5.8 million, compared to $6.5 million in the second quarter of 2017.
Due to the adoption of the ASC 606 accounting standard (Revenue From Contracts With Customers), 2018 over 2017 reported revenues are not strictly an apples to apples comparison.
Gross margins in the second quarter of 2018 increased 850 basis points to 47.3%, compared to 38.8% in the second quarter of 2017.
Operating expenses in the second quarter of 2018 totaled $7.2 million, compared to $7.9 million in the second quarter of 2017.
Net loss in the second quarter of 2018 improved to $4.8 million, compared to a net loss of $7.4 million in the second quarter of 2017.
Cash and cash equivalents, including restricted cash totaled $24.9 million on June 30, 2018 and $16.8 million on March 31, 2018. In April 2018, the Company raised net proceeds of $12.7 million though the sale of common stock.





Recent Operational Highlights


Submission of MBI-014 bioherbicide to the EPA.
Successful field trials and an on-farm demo with EnnobleTM (MBI-601) biofumigant in organic strawberry, resulting in an estimated increase in profit of $3000/acre.
Launched new CG brand of highly effective biological solutions for crop protection and plant health in cannabis and home gardens. Use of Regalia CG, Grandevo CG and Venerate CG has been cleared by several key states for use on cannabis.
Expanded MBI’s international distribution network through a new deal with Lidorr Chemicals in Israel.
Launched Amplitude, a new biological fungicide for the row crop market.
Received positive field trial data with Regalia on coffee, onions, tomato, sugarcane and citrus in international trials, as well as on fire blight in U.S. apples.
Grandevo and Venerate excelled in trials in Mexico, Chile and South Africa, while the first European trial results for Majestene came back positive.
Joined the Russell 2000 Index after the market closed on June 22, 2018.


Conference Call and Webcast


Management will host an investor conference call today at 1:30 p.m. PDT (4:30 p.m. EDT) to discuss Marrone Bio Innovation’s second quarter 2018 financial results, provide a corporate update, and conclude with a Q&A from participants. To participate, please use the following information:


Q2 2018 Conference Call and Webcast


Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Time: 1:30 p.m. Pacific time (4:30 p.m. Eastern time)

U.S. Dial-in: 1-888-254-3590

International Dial-in: 1-323-994-2093

Conference ID: 2331262



Please dial in at least 10 minutes before the start of the call to ensure timely participation.


A playback of the call will be available through September 14, 2018. To listen, call 1-844-512-2921 within the United States or 1-412-317-6671 when calling internationally. Please use the replay pin number 2331262. A webcast will also be available for 30 days on the IR section of the Marrone Bio Innovations website or by clicking here: MBII Q2 2018 Webcast.


About Marrone Bio Innovations


Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: MBII) strives to lead the movement to more sustainable world through the discovery, development and sale of innovative biological products for crop protection, plant health and waterway systems treatment. MBI has screened over 18,000 microorganisms and 350 plant extracts, leveraging its in-depth knowledge of plant and soil microbiomes enhanced by advanced molecular technologies to rapidly develop seven effective and environmentally responsible pest management products to help customers operate more sustainably while uniquely improving plant health and increasing crop yields. Supported by a robust portfolio of over 400 issued and pending patents around its superior natural product chemistry, MBI’s currently available commercial products are Regalia®, Grandevo®, Venerate®, Majestene®, Haven® Stargus® and Amplitude™, Zelto® and Zequanox®.





Marrone Bio Innovations is dedicated to pioneering smart biopesticide solutions that support a better tomorrow for both farmers, turf managers and consumers around the globe. For more information, please visit


Marrone Bio Innovations Forward Looking Statements


This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve substantial risks and uncertainties. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, included in this press release regarding strategy, future operations and plans, including assumptions underlying such statements, are forward-looking statements, and should not be relied upon as representing MBI’s views as of any subsequent date. Examples of such statements include statements regarding the strength of the Company’s position for executing on its business plan and increasing shareholder value, and the potential benefits of the Company’s products. Such forward-looking statements are based on information available to the Company as of the date of this release and involve a number of risks and uncertainties, some beyond the Company’s control, that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by these forward-looking statements, including consumer, regulatory and other factors affecting demand for the Company’s products, any difficulty in marketing MBI’s products in global markets, competition in the market for pest management products, lack of understanding of bio-based pest management products by customers and growers, and adverse decisions by regulatory agencies and other relevant third parties. Additional information that could lead to material changes in MBI’s performance is contained in its filings with the SEC. MBI is under no obligation to, and expressly disclaims any responsibility to, update or alter forward-looking statements contained in this release, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


Marrone Bio Innovations Contacts:


Pam Marrone, CEO and Founder

Jim Boyd, CFO

Telephone: +1 (530) 750-2800



Investor Relations:


Greg Falesnik

Managing Director

MZ Group – MZ North America

Main: 949-385-6449






Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets

(In Thousands, Except Par Value)


   JUNE 30,   DECEMBER 31, 
   2018   2017 
    (Unaudited)    (Audited) 
Current assets:          
Cash and cash equivalents  $23,250   $786 
Restricted cash, current portion   46    487 
Accounts receivable   4,722    3,785 
Inventories, net   9,181    9,827 
Deferred cost of product revenues   3    3,063 
Prepaid expenses and other current assets   766    1,170 
Total current assets   37,968    19,118 
Property, plant and equipment, net   15,275    16,016 
Restricted cash, less current portion   1,560    1,560 
Other assets   337    219 
Total assets  $55,140   $36,913 
Liabilities and stockholders’ equity (deficit)          
Current liabilities:          
Accounts payable  $1,486   $3,800 
Accrued liabilities   5,986    8,189 
Accrued interest due to related parties       1,622 
Deferred revenue, current portion   356    6,193 
Derivative liability       674 
Debt, current portion   2,608    1,524 
Total current liabilities   10,436   22,002 
Deferred revenue, less current portion   2,669    2,046 
Debt, less current portion   11,929    24,407 
Debt due to related parties   7,300    37,822 
Other liabilities   843    1,287 
Total liabilities   33,177    87,564 
Commitments and contingencies (Note 9)          
Stockholders’ equity (deficit):          
Preferred stock: $0.00001 par value; 20,000 shares authorized and no shares issued or outstanding at June 30, 2018 and December 31, 2017        
Common stock: $0.00001 par value; 250,000 shares authorized, 110,473 and 31,351 shares issued and outstanding as of June 30, 2018 and December 31, 2017, respectively   1     
Additional paid in capital   292,985    214,921 
Accumulated deficit   (271,023)   (265,572)
Total stockholders’ equity (deficit)   21,963    (50,651)
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity (deficit)  $55,140   $36,913 






Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations

(In Thousands, Except Per Share Amounts)



JUNE 30,
JUNE 30,
   2018   2017   2018   2017 
Product  $5,637   $6,418   $9,861   $10,514 
License   115    58    215    116 
Total revenues   5,752    6,476    10,076    10,630 
Cost of product revenues   3,030    3,966    5,272    6,245 
Gross profit   2,722    2,510    4,804    4,385 
Operating Expenses:                    
Research, development and patent   2,493    2,853    5,027    5,297 
Selling, general and administrative   4,720    5,073    9,744    10,416 
Total operating expenses   7,213    7,926    14,771    15,713 
Loss from operations   (4,491)   (5,416)   (9,967)   (11,328)
Other income (expense):                    
Interest expense   (340)   (869)   (1,459)   (1,505)
Interest expense, related parties   (17)   (1,085)   (451)   (2,159)
Change in fair value of financial instruments           (5,177)    
Loss on extinguishment of debt, net           (303)    
Gain on extinguishment of debt, related party           9,622     
Other income (expense), net   4    (15)   (27)   (22)
Total other income (expense), net   (353)   (1,969)   2,205    (3,686)
Net loss  $(4,844)  $(7,385)  $(7,762)  $(15,014)
Basic and diluted net loss per common share:  $(0.04)  $(0.25)  $(0.08)  $(0.55)
Weighted-average shares outstanding used in computing basic and diluted net loss per common share:   108,647    29,401    91,713    27,070 






Condensed Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows

(In Thousands)



   2018   2017 
Cash flows from operating activities          
Net loss  $(7,762)  $(15,014)
Adjustments to reconcile net loss to net cash used in operating activities:          
Depreciation and amortization   983    1,034 
Gain on disposal of equipment       (4)
Share-based compensation   873    1,169 
Non-cash interest expense   722    730 
Change in fair value of financial instruments   5,177     
Loss on extinguishment of debt, net   303     
Gain on extinguishment of debt, related party, net   (9,622)    
Net changes in operating assets and liabilities:         
Accounts receivable   (937)   (2,202)
Inventories   646    118 
Prepaid Expenses and other assets   163    738 
Deferred cost of product revenues   2    (722)
Accounts payable   (2,192)   1,595 
Accrued and other liabilities   (1,692)   1,242 
Accrued interest due to related parties   (1,614)   (22)
Deferred revenue       1,507 
Net cash used in operating activities   (14,950)   (9,831)
Cash flows from investing activities          
Purchases of property, plant and equipment   (478)   (160)
Net cash used in investing activities   (478)   (160)
Cash flows from financing activities          
Proceeds from issuance of common stock, net of offering costs   34,496    8,223 
Proceeds from issuance of debt   2,000     
Proceeds from secured borrowings   9,754    6,151 
Repayments in secured borrowings   (8,670)   (3,281)
Repayment of debt   (129)   (134)
Repayment of capital leases       (352)
Exercise of stock options       17 
Net cash provided by financing activities   37,451    10,624 
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents and restricted cash   22,023    633 
Cash and cash equivalents and restricted cash, beginning of period   2,833    12,613 
Cash and cash equivalents and restricted cash, end of period  $24,856   $13,246 
Supplemental disclosure of cash flow information          
Cash paid for interest  $2,481   $2,938 
Supplemental disclosure of non-cash investing and financing activities          
Property, plant and equipment included in accounts payable and accrued liabilities  $236   $7 
Financing costs in accounts payable       $215 
Embedded derivative liability associated with bridge loan  $573   $ 
Conversion of debt to equity  $10,000   $ 
Conversion of bridge loan (convertible note) to equity  $6,000   $ 
Conversion of debt, related party to equity  $35,000   $ 
Conversion of accrued liabilities into equity associated with the granting of restricted stock units  $205   $ 





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