First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (FMBH) SEC Filing 10-K Annual report for the fiscal year ending Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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First Mid Bancshares, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results

MATTOON, Ill., Jan. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: FMBH) (the “Company”) today announced its financial results for the quarter and year-to-date period ended December 31, 2019.


  • Diluted earnings per share of $0.72 and $2.87 for the fourth quarter and full year, respectively
  • Increased tangible book value for the year by 16.7% to $23.59
  • Strong loan growth for the quarter of $71.8 million, or 2.7%
  • Record quarter of noninterest income driven by growth in wealth management revenues

“We followed up a strong third quarter of loan growth with another solid quarter,” said Joe Dively, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  “Our wealth management division had a great quarter and, combined with our insurance division’s successful 2019, we delivered record noninterest income for both the fourth quarter and the full year.” 

“We achieved a lot in 2019 through our intense focus on the customer and delivering shareholder value.  We made significant investments in technology to ensure we are delivering the best and most competitive products and services to our customers and for the communities we serve.  For our shareholders, we increased our dividend, repurchased shares and delivered strong financial results, including an increase in tangible book value by nearly 17%.  Our capital position is strong and we are well positioned for 2020 and beyond,” Dively concluded.  

Net Interest Income

Net interest income for the fourth quarter of 2019 decreased by $0.1 million, or 0.5% compared to the third quarter of 2019.  The decline was primarily driven by a decrease of $0.8 million in accretion income, partially offset by lower interest expenses.  Total accretion income for the quarter was $1.8 million compared to $2.6 million in the third quarter.

In comparison to the fourth quarter of 2018, net interest income was essentially the same at $31.0 million.  Interest income increased by $0.7 million and was offset by higher interest expenses.      

Net Interest Margin

Net interest margin, on a tax equivalent basis, was 3.57% for the fourth quarter of 2019 compared to 3.60% in the prior quarter.  The decrease was primarily driven by the decrease in accretion income of $0.8 million.  Excluding accretion income, the net interest margin increased seven basis points for the quarter. Strong loan growth in the second half of the year, along with active management of funding costs, helped drive the increase.

In comparison to the fourth quarter of 2018, net interest margin decreased by 18 basis points.  The year-over-year decrease in the ratio was primarily due to less accretion income and higher funding costs in a more competitive and challenging interest rate environment.     

Loan Portfolio

Total loans ended the quarter at $2.70 billion, representing an increase of $71.8 million, or 2.7% compared to the prior quarter.  The increase was in multiple categories with commercial real estate representing the largest amount.  The loan growth was also well dispersed geographically with a majority of the growth coming from our St. Louis Metro and Peoria markets.  

Loans increased by $50.8 million, or 1.9%, compared to the fourth quarter of last year.  The year-over-year loan growth was primarily in commercial real estate and construction and land development, partially offset by declines in multifamily and 1-4 family properties.  Loan growth for the year was muted by higher payoffs and efforts to improve overall credit quality from certain acquired loans.       

Asset Quality

Nonperforming loans decreased by $1.9 million from year-end 2018, while the fourth quarter 2019 increased by $3.6 million primarily tied to two commercial credits.  At December 31, 2019, nonperforming loans were 1.03% of total loans, allowance for loan losses was 1.00% of total loans, and the allowance for loan losses to non-performing loans was 96.7%.  Non-performing loans increased from the previous quarter by $3.6 million to $27.8 million.  Excluding outstanding acquired loans, the allowance for loan losses to total loans was 1.26%.        

Net charge-offs were $2.6 million during the fourth quarter compared to $2.3 million in the third quarter of 2019.  The Company recorded provision expense of $2.7 million consistent with the third quarter of 2019 and $0.4 million less than the fourth quarter of last year.           


Total deposits at December 31, 2019 were $2.92 billion, a decrease of $71.6 million in the quarter.  Some of the decrease was directly attributable to the increase of $33.6 million in repurchase agreements.  A majority of the remaining decline came from maturities on higher cost time deposits and certain commercial customers with seasonal cash flows.  The Company took steps to reduce its funding costs in early October through a variety of steps and the average cost of funds declined 12 basis points to 0.67% for the quarter.  

On a year-over-year basis, deposits were down $71.3 million.  Increases in noninterest bearing demand deposits were offset by decreases in money market accounts and interest bearing demand deposits.

Noninterest Income

Noninterest income for the fourth quarter of 2019 was a record $14.9 million compared to $12.9 million in the third quarter.  The increase was primarily driven by farm management and real estate income within wealth management revenues.        

Noninterest income increased $3.2 million compared to the fourth quarter of last year due to a combination of both organic and acquisition growth.

Noninterest Expenses    

Noninterest expense for the fourth quarter totaled $27.6 million compared to $25.9 million in the third quarter.  Most of the increase was in the salaries and benefits line on the income statement and was primarily driven by the growth in revenues.    

Noninterest expense was $1.3 million higher than the fourth quarter of 2018.  The year-over-year increase was primarily due to the expense tied to the growth in noninterest income revenues and having the SCB Bancorp acquisition in for the full quarter in 2019.  The Company’s efficiency ratio, on a tax equivalent basis, for the fourth quarter of 2019 was 57.2% compared to 57.7% for the same period last year.

Capital and CECL

The Company’s capital levels remained above the “well capitalized” levels and ended the period as follows: 

Total capital to risk-weighted assets15.74%
Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets14.79%
Common equity tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets14.12%
Leverage ratio11.20%

In June 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued Accounting Standard Update 2016-13 Financial Instruments – Credit Losses (Topic 326): Measurement of Credit Losses on Financial Instruments (“the standard”). The standard replaces the incurred loss methodology of estimating allowance for loan losses with an expected loss methodology that is commonly referred to as the current expected credit losses (“CECL”) methodology. The Company was required to adopt the standard, as amended, effective January 1, 2020.  The Company has prepared an initial estimate of the impact from adopting the standard and believes its allowance for loan losses will be increased within a range of 5% to 10% as of adoption.

Capital Markets

On August 16, 2019, the Company adopted a repurchase plan under Rule 10b5-1 and Rule 10b-18 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.  During the quarter, the Company did not repurchase any shares under the plan. 

Under the previously announced ‘at-the-market’ equity offering, the Company did not sell any shares during the current quarter.         

About Us: First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (“First Mid”) is the parent company of First Mid Bank & Trust, N.A., First Mid Insurance Group, Inc. and First Mid Wealth Management Co.  Our mission is to fulfill the financial needs of our communities with exceptional personal service, professionalism and integrity, and deliver meaningful value and results for our customers and shareholders.

First Mid is a $3.8 billion community-focused organization that provides a full-suite of financial services including banking, wealth management, brokerage, Ag services, and insurance through a sizeable network of locations throughout Illinois and eastern Missouri and a loan production office in the greater Indianapolis area.  Together, our First Mid team takes great pride in their work and their ability to serve our customers well over the last 154 years. 

More information about the Company is available on our website at  Our stock is traded in The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC under the ticker symbol “FMBH”.

Non-GAAP Measures:  In addition to reports presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”), this release contains certain non-GAAP financial measures.  The Company believes that such non-GAAP financial measures provide investors with information useful in understanding the Company’s financial performance.  Readers of this release, however, are urged to review these non-GAAP financial measures in conjunction with the GAAP results as reported.  These non-GAAP financial measures are detailed as supplemental tables and include “Net Interest Margin, tax equivalent,” “Tangible Book Value per Common Share,” and “Common Equity Tier 1 Capital to Risk Weighted Assets”.  While the Company believes these non-GAAP financial measures provide investors with a broader understanding of the capital adequacy, funding profile and financial trends of the Company, this information should be considered as supplemental in nature and not as a substitute to the related financial information prepared in accordance with GAAP.  These non-GAAP financial measures may also differ from the similar measures presented by other companies.   

Forward Looking Statements:  This document may contain certain forward-looking statements about First Mid, such as discussions of First Mid’s pricing and fee trends, credit quality and outlook, liquidity, new business results, expansion plans, anticipated expenses and planned schedules. First Mid intends such forward-looking statements to be covered by the safe harbor provisions for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1955. Forward-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and describe future plans, strategies and expectations of First Mid, are identified by use of the words “believe,” “expect,” “intend,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “project,” or similar expressions. Actual results could differ materially from the results indicated by these statements because the realization of those results is subject to many risks and uncertainties, including, among other things, changes in interest rates; general economic conditions and those in the market areas of First Mid; legislative/regulatory changes; monetary and fiscal policies of the U.S. Government, including policies of the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board; the quality or composition of First Mid’s loan or investment portfolios and the valuation of those investment portfolios; demand for loan products; deposit flows; competition, demand for financial services in the market areas of First Mid; and accounting principles, policies and guidelines. Additional information concerning First Mid, including additional factors and risks that could materially affect First Mid’s financial results, are included in First Mid’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), including its Annual Reports on Form 10-K. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. Except as required under the federal securities laws or the rules and regulations of the SEC, we do not undertake any obligation to update or review any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Investor Contact: 
Aaron Holt
VP, Shareholder Relations

- Tables Follow -

Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
(In thousands, unaudited)
  As of
  December 31, September 30, December 31,
   2019   2019   2018 
Cash and cash equivalents $85,080  $108,229  $141,400 
Investment securities  760,215   811,573   769,279 
Loans (including loans held for sale)  2,695,347   2,623,558   2,644,519 
Less allowance for loan losses  (26,911)  (26,741)  (26,189)
Net loans  2,668,436   2,596,817   2,618,330 
Premises and equipment, net  59,491   59,724   59,117 
Goodwill and intangibles, net  133,257   134,461   139,097 
Bank owned life insurance  67,225   66,786   65,484 
Other assets  65,722   60,139   47,027 
Total assets $3,839,426  $3,837,729  $3,839,734 
Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity            
Non-interest bearing $633,331  $596,518  $575,784 
Interest bearing  2,284,035   2,392,407   2,412,902 
Total deposits  2,917,366   2,988,925   2,988,686 
Repurchase agreement with customers  208,109   174,530   192,330 
Other borrowings  118,895   80,862   127,469 
Junior subordinated debentures  18,858   29,126   29,000 
Other liabilities  49,589   42,327   26,385 
Total liabilities  3,312,817   3,315,770   3,363,870 
Total stockholders' equity  526,609   521,959   475,864 
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity $3,839,426  $3,837,729  $3,839,734 

Condensed Consolidated Statements of Income
(In thousands, except per share data, unaudited)
  Three Months Ended
  Twelve Months Ended
  December 31,
  December 31,
   2019   2018   2019  2018
Interest income:              
Interest and fees on loans $31,206  $30,553  $126,825 $105,772
Interest on investment securities  5,101   4,966   21,043  18,237
Interest on federal funds sold & other deposits  214   269   1,853  556
Total interest income  36,521   35,788   149,721  124,565
Interest expense:              
Interest on deposits  4,447   3,422   18,939  8,571
Interest on securities sold under agreements to repurchase  240   134   911  330
Interest on other borrowings  610   834   2,721  2,517
Interest on subordinated debt  240   396   1,476  1,409
Total interest expense  5,537   4,786   24,047  12,827
Net interest income  30,984   31,002   125,674  111,738
Provision for loan losses  2,737   3,184   6,433  8,667
Net interest income after provision for loan  28,247   27,818   119,241  103,071
Non-interest income:              
Wealth management revenues  5,027   3,540   15,570  8,460
Insurance commissions  3,361   2,390   16,029  5,592
Service charges  1,985   1,988   7,837  7,435
Securities gains, net  479   0   802  901
Mortgage banking revenues  579   266   1,746  1,205
ATM/debit card revenue  2,100   2,044   8,491  7,487
Other  1,342   1,419   5,542  4,334
Total non-interest income  14,873   11,647   56,017  35,414
Non-interest expense:              
Salaries and employee benefits  15,942   13,952   62,578  46,803
Net occupancy and equipment expense  4,305   4,225   17,680  14,533
Net other real estate owned (income) expense  30   260   443  282
FDIC insurance  (170)  319   219  1,059
Amortization of intangible assets  1,296   1,156   5,848  3,215
Stationary and supplies  269   238   1,104  963
Legal and professional expense  1,451   1,318   5,164  5,243
Marketing and donations  573   541   2,031  1,794
Other  3,905   4,311   16,925  16,088
Total non-interest expense  27,601   26,320   111,992  89,980
Income before income taxes  15,519   13,145   63,266  48,505
Income taxes  3,543   3,206   15,323  11,905
Net income $11,976  $9,939  $47,943 $36,600
Per Share Information              
Basic earnings per common share $0.72  $0.62  $2.88 $2.53
Diluted earnings per common share  0.72   0.62   2.87  2.52
Dividends per common share  0.40   0.36   0.76  0.70
Weighted average shares outstanding  16,667,370   15,985,021   16,675,269  14,487,126
Diluted weighted average shares outstanding  16,699,876   15,998,551   16,709,476  14,500,585

Condensed Consolidated Statements of Income
(In thousands, except per share data, unaudited)
  For the Quarter Ended
  December 31, September 30 June 30, March 31, December 31,
 2019 2019 2018
Interest income:                 
Interest and fees on loans $31,206  $31,976  $31,539 $32,104 $30,553
Interest on investment securities  5,101   5,297   5,436  5,209  4,966
Interest on federal funds sold & other deposits  214   305   596  738  269
Total interest income  36,521   37,578   37,571  38,051  35,788
Interest expense:                 
Interest on deposits  4,447   5,174   4,940  4,378  3,422
Interest on securities sold under agreements to repurchase  240   196   215  260  134
Interest on other borrowings  610   691   697  723  834
Interest on subordinated debt  240   392   406  438  396
Total interest expense  5,537   6,453   6,258  5,799  4,786
Net interest income  30,984   31,125   31,313  32,252  31,002
Provision for loan losses  2,737   2,658   91  947  3,184
Net interest income after provision for loan  28,247   28,467   31,222  31,305  27,818
Non-interest income:                 
Wealth management revenues  5,027   3,311   3,587  3,645  3,540
Insurance commissions  3,361   3,353   3,760  5,555  2,390
Service charges  1,985   2,091   1,959  1,802  1,988
Securities gains, net  479   51   218  54  0
Mortgage banking revenues  579   582   346  239  266
ATM/debit card revenue  2,100   2,173   2,202  2,016  2,044
Other  1,342   1,356   1,516  1,328  1,419
Total non-interest income  14,873   12,917   13,588  14,639  11,647
Non-interest expense:                 
Salaries and employee benefits  15,942   14,497   15,565  16,574  13,952
Net occupancy and equipment expense  4,305   4,377   4,543  4,455  4,225
Net other real estate owned (income) expense  30   172   188  53  260
FDIC insurance  (170)  (87)  197  279  319
Amortization of intangible assets  1,296   1,373   1,823  1,356  1,156
Stationary and supplies  269   284   264  287  238
Legal and professional expense  1,451   1,215   1,304  1,194  1,318
Marketing and donations  573   523   481  454  541
Other  3,905   3,540   5,822  3,658  4,311
Total non-interest expense  27,601   25,894   30,187  28,310  26,320
Income before income taxes  15,519   15,490   14,623  17,634  13,145
Income taxes  3,543   3,820   3,642  4,318  3,206
Net income $11,976  $ 11,670  $ 10,981 $ 13,316 $ 9,939

Consolidated Financial Highlights and Ratios
(Dollars in thousands, except per share data)
  As of and for the Quarter Ended
  December 31, September 30,June 30, March 31, December 31,
   2019   2019   2019   2019   2018 
Loan Portfolio                     
Construction and land development $94,142  $68,821  $57,069  $49,179  $50,619 
Farm loans  240,241   229,715   229,924   236,864   231,700 
1-4 Family residential properties  336,427   347,370   355,143   362,617   373,518 
Multifamily residential properties  153,948   154,859   167,709   175,903   184,051 
Commercial real estate  995,702   954,992   888,711   905,679   906,850 
Loans secured by real estate  1,820,460   1,755,757   1,698,556   1,730,242   1,746,738 
Agricultural loans  136,124   121,650   118,216   118,026   135,877 
Commercial and industrial loans  528,973   543,937   530,405   550,853   557,011 
Consumer loans  83,183   83,171   84,907   86,540   91,516 
All other loans  126,607   119,043   114,459   111,333   113,377 
Total loans  2,695,347   2,623,558   2,546,543   2,596,994   2,644,519 
Deposit Portfolio                     
Non-interest bearing demand deposits $633,331  $596,518  $603,823  $628,944  $575,784 
Interest bearing demand deposits  850,956   899,763   844,931   828,144   903,426 
Savings deposits  428,778   431,497   438,769   444,619   432,319 
Money Market  419,801   435,517   473,160   483,867   485,388 
Time deposits  584,500   625,630   651,807   660,639   591,769 
Total deposits  2,917,366   2,988,925   3,012,490   3,046,213   2,988,686 
Asset Quality                    
Non-performing loans $27,818  $24,203  $25,773  $25,988  $29,749 
Non-performing assets  31,538   28,645   29,380   29,857   32,344 
Net charge-offs  2,567   2,276   436   432   834 
Allowance for loan losses to non-performing loans  96.74%  110.49%  102.27%  102.76%  88.03%
Allowance for loan losses to total loans outstanding  1.00%  1.02%  1.04%  1.03%  0.99%
Nonperforming loans to total loans  1.03%  0.92%  1.01%  1.00%  1.13%
Nonperforming assets to total assets  0.82%  0.75%  0.77%  0.77%  0.84%
Common Share Data                    
Common shares outstanding  16,673,480   16,663,095   16,694,316   16,677,128   16,644,635 
Book value per common share $31.58  $31.32  $30.49  $29.81  $28.57 
Tangible book value per common share  23.59   23.25   22.35   21.57   20.22 
Market price of stock  35.25   34.62   34.92   33.32   31.92 
Key Performance Ratios and Metrics                    
End of period earning assets $3,464,144  $3,444,775  $3,447,695  $3,539,175  $3,491,606 
Average earning assets  3,464,200   3,444,088   3,470,776   3,516,032   3,307,437 
Average rate on average earning assets (tax equivalent)  4.24%  4.39%  4.40%  4.44%  4.35%
Average rate on cost of funds  0.67%  0.79%  0.76%  0.70%  0.60%
Net interest margin (tax equivalent)  3.57%  3.60%  3.64%  3.74%  3.75%
Return on average assets  1.25%  1.22%  1.15%  1.38%  1.10%
Return on average common equity  9.17%  9.04%  8.80%  11.02%  8.99%
Efficiency ratio (tax equivalent) 1  57.23%  54.69%  62.31%  56.77%  57.66%
Full-time equivalent employees  827   830   826   832   818 
1 Represents non-interest expense divided by the sum of fully tax equivalent net interest income and non-interest income. Non-interest expense adjustments exclude foreclosed property expense
and amortization of intangibles. Net-interest income includes tax equivalent adjustments and non-interest income excludes gains and losses on the sale of investment securities.  
Note: Asset Quality metrics as of December 31, 2018 were adjusted to match the disclosures in the 10K, which exclude TDR's from the Soy Capital acquisition.    

Net Interest Margin
(In thousands, unaudited)
  For the Quarter Ended December 2019
  QTD Average   Average
  Balance Interest Rate
Interest bearing deposits $37,318  $182 1.93%
Federal funds sold  924   3 1.50%
Certificates of deposits investments  5,206   29 2.23%
Investment Securities:          
Taxable (total less municipals)  608,505   3,799 2.50%
Tax-exempt (Municipals)  181,906   1,647 3.62%
Loans (net of unearned income)  2,630,342   31,393 4.74%
Total interest earning assets  3,464,200   37,054 4.24%
Cash and due from banks  97,424       
Premises and equipment  59,634       
Other nonearning assets  251,843       
Allowance for loan losses  (27,276)      
Total assets $3,845,825       
Demand deposits $1,304,044  $1,413 0.43%
Savings deposits  434,877   127 0.12%
Time deposits  596,121   2,907 1.93%
Total interest bearing deposits  2,335,042   4,447 0.76%
Repurchase agreements  191,498   240 0.50%
FHLB advances  105,134   604 2.28%
Federal funds purchased  1,082   6 2.13%
Subordinated debt  19,503   240 4.89%
Other borrowings  0   0 0.00%
Total borrowings  317,217   1,090 1.36%
Total interest bearing liabilities  2,652,259   5,537 0.83%
Demand deposits  623,351  Average cost of funds 0.67%
Other liabilities  47,938       
Stockholders' equity  522,276       
Total liabilities & stockholders' equity $3,845,825       
Net Interest Earnings / Spread     $31,517 3.41%
Impact of Non-Interest Bearing Funds        0.16%
Tax effected yield on interest earning assets        3.57%

Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Financial Measures
(In thousands, unaudited)
  As of and for the Quarter Ended
  December 31, September 30,June 30, March 31, December 31,
Net interest income as reported $30,984  $31,125  $31,313  $32,252  $31,002 
Net interest income, (tax equivalent)  31,517   31,659   31,850   32,800   31,546 
Average earning assets  3,464,200   3,444,088   3,470,776   3,516,032   3,307,437 
Net interest margin (tax equivalent) 1  3.57%  3.60%  3.64%  3.74%  3.75%
Common stockholder's equity $526,609  $521,959  $508,958  $497,152  $475,864 
Goodwill and intangibles, net  133,257   134,461   135,762   137,461   139,097 
Common shares outstanding  16,673   16,663   16,695   16,677   16,645 
Tangible Book Value per common share $23.59  $23.25  $22.35  $21.57  $20.22 
Common equity tier 1 capital $398,536  $391,429  $379,581  $372,731  $357,690 
Risk weighted assets  2,822,648   2,923,245   2,935,236   2,964,638   3,030,259 
Common equity tier 1 capital to risk weighted assets 2  14.12%  13.39%  12.93%  12.57%  11.80%
1 Annualized and calculated on a tax equivalent basis where interest earned on tax-exempt securities and loans is adjusted to an amount comparable to interest subject  
to normal income taxes assuming a federal tax rate of 21% and includes the impact of non-interest bearing funds.      
2 Defined as total common equity adjusted for gains/(losses) less goodwill and intangibles divided by risk weighted assets as of period end.    

The following information was filed by First Mid Illinois Bancshares Inc (FMBH) on Thursday, January 23, 2020 as an 8K 2.02 statement, which is an earnings press release pertaining to results of operations and financial condition. It may be helpful to assess the quality of management by comparing the information in the press release to the information in the accompanying 10-K Annual Report statement of earnings and operation as management may choose to highlight particular information in the press release.

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Definitive Proxy Statement (Form DEF 14A)
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First Mid Illinois Bancshares Inc's Definitive Proxy Statement (Form DEF 14A) filed after their 2020 10-K Annual Report includes:

  • Voting Procedures
  • Board Members
  • Executive Team
  • Salaries, Bonuses, Perks
  • Peers / Competitors


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Inside First Mid Illinois Bancshares Inc's 10-K Annual Report:

Financial Statements, Disclosures and Schedules

Inside this 10-K Annual Report

Document And Entity Information
Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Balance Sheets (Parenthetical)
Consolidated Statements Of Cash Flows
Consolidated Statements Of Changes In Stockholders' Equity Consolidated Statements Of Changes In Stockholders' Equity
Consolidated Statements Of Changes In Stockholders' Equity Consolidated Statements Of Changes In Stockholders' Equity (Parenthetical)
Consolidated Statements Of Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statements Of Comprehensive Income (Parenthetical)
Consolidated Statements Of Income
Borrowings (Tables)
Borrowings Debt (Details)
Borrowings Repurchase Agreements And Other Borrowings (Details)
Borrowings Schedule Of Borrowings (Details)
Borrowings Securities Sold Under Agreement To Repurchase (Details)
Borrowings Subordinated Debentures (Details)
Business Combinations (Notes)
Business Combinations (Tables)
Business Combinations Estimated Fair Values Of Assets Acquired And Liabilities Assumed (Details)
Business Combinations Narrative (Details)
Business Combinations Pro Forma Information (Details)
Cash And Due From Banks
Cash And Due From Banks Cash And Due From Banks (Details)
Commitments And Contingent Liabilities (Details)
Commitments And Contingent Liabilities (Notes)
Commitments And Contingent Liabilities (Tables)
Deferred Compensation Plan (Details)
Deferred Compensation Plan (Notes)
Deposits (Details)
Deposits (Notes)
Deposits (Tables)
Deposits Deposit Interest Components (Details)
Derivatives (Notes)
Derivatives (Tables)
Derivatives Derivative Insturments, Gain (Loss) (Details)
Derivatives Hedged Instruments (Details)
Derivatives Schedule Of Derivative Instruments (Details)
Disclosures Of Fair Values Of Financial Instruments
Disclosures Of Fair Values Of Financial Instruments (Details)
Disclosures Of Fair Values Of Financial Instruments (Tables)
Disclosures Of Fair Values Of Financial Instruments, Part Ii (Details)
Dividend Restrictions (Details)
Dividend Restrictions (Notes)
Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share (Details)
Earnings Per Share (Tables)
Fhlb Advances (Details)
Goodwill And Intangible Assets
Goodwill And Intangible Assets (Details)
Goodwill And Intangible Assets (Tables)
Goodwill And Intangible Assets Mortgage Servicing Rights (Details)
Goodwill And Intangible Assets Reconciliation Of Purchase Price To Goodwill Recorded (Details)
Income Taxes (Details)
Income Taxes (Notes)
Income Taxes (Tables)
Income Taxes Income Tax Reconciliation (Details)
Income Taxes Temporary Differences (Details)
Investment Securities
Investment Securities Investment Securities (Tables)
Investment Securities Investment Securities, Part Iii (Details)
Investment Securities, Part Ii (Details)
Leases (Notes)
Leases (Tables)
Leases Operating Lease Cost Components (Details)
Leases Operating Lease Payments Due (Details)
Leases Operating Leases Cash Flow (Details)
Leases Supplemental Balance Sheet Disclosure (Details)
Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses
Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses (Details)
Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses (Tables)
Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses (Pci Loans) (Details)
Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses - Allowance (Details)
Loans And Allowance For Loan Losses, Part Ii (Details)
Parent Company Only Financial Statements (Notes)
Parent Company Only Financial Statements (Tables)
Parent Company Only Financial Statements Condensed Balance Sheets (Details)
Parent Company Only Financial Statements Condensed Statements Of Cash Flows (Details)
Parent Company Only Financial Statements Condensed Statements Of Income (Details)
Premises And Equipment, Net (Details)
Premises And Equipment, Net (Notes)
Premises And Equipment, Net (Tables)
Quarterly Financial Data -- Unaudited (Details)
Quarterly Financial Data -- Unaudited (Notes)
Quarterly Financial Data -- Unaudited (Tables)
Regulatory Capital (Details)
Regulatory Capital (Notes)
Regulatory Capital (Tables)
Related Party Transactions (Details)
Related Party Transactions (Notes)
Related Party Transactions (Tables)
Retirement Plans (Notes)
Retirement Plans Employee Retirement Plan (Details)
Retirement Plans Serp (Details)
Stock Incentive Plan (Details)
Stock Incentive Plan (Notes)
Stock Incentive Plan (Tables)
Stock Incentive Plan Compensation Cost (Details)
Stock Incentive Plan Summary Of Stock Option Activity (Details)
Stock Incentive Plan Summary Of Unvested Stock And Stock Units (Details)
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies (Aoci) (Details)
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies (Policies)
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies (Tables)
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies (Captive/Trust) (Details)
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies (Pp&Amp;E) (Details)
Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies Summary Of Significant Accounting Policies (Sip) (Details)
Ticker: FMBH
CIK: 700565
Form Type: 10-K Annual Report
Accession Number: 0000700565-20-000003
Submitted to the SEC: Fri Mar 06 2020 6:31:53 PM EST
Accepted by the SEC: Mon Mar 09 2020
Period: Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Industry: State Commercial Banks

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