Document and Entity Information - USD ($)
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2018
Mar. 15, 2019
Jun. 30, 2018
Entity Registrant NameTeucrium Commodity Trust  
Entity Central Index Key0001471824  
Document Type10-K  
Document Period End DateDec. 31, 2018  
Amendment Flagfalse  
Current Fiscal Year End Date--12-31  
Entity Well-known Seasoned IssuerNo  
Entity Voluntary FilersNo  
Entity Current Reporting StatusYes  
Entity Filer CategoryAccelerated Filer  
Entity Emerging Growth Companyfalse  
Entity Small Businessfalse  
Entity Shell Companyfalse  
Entity Public Float  $ 173,253,729
Entity Shares Outstanding 16,775,018 
Document Fiscal Period FocusFY  
Document Fiscal Year Focus2018  
Teucrium Corn Fund [Member]   
Entity Public Float  73,158,066
Entity Shares Outstanding 3,600,004 
Teucrium Sugar Fund [Member]   
Entity Public Float  14,781,030
Entity Shares Outstanding 1,400,004 
Teucrium Soybean Fund [Member]   
Entity Public Float  17,052,065
Entity Shares Outstanding 1,475,004 
Teucrium Wheat Fund [Member]   
Entity Public Float  66,671,026
Entity Shares Outstanding 10,225,004 
Teucrium Agricultural Fund [Member]   
Entity Public Float  $ 1,591,542
Entity Shares Outstanding 75,002 

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