Aeglea Biotherapeutics, Inc. (AGLE) SEC Filing 10-Q Quarterly report for the period ending Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Aeglea Biotherapeutics, Inc.

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Aeglea BioTherapeutics Reports First Quarter 2020 Financial Results and Corporate Highlights

Gross Proceeds of $138 Million from April 2020 Public Offering Extends Cash Runway Through 2022

Clinical Trial Application for ACN00177 Approved by MHRA; Progress Toward Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial in Homocystinuria Initiation


Austin, Texas, May 7, 2020 -

Aeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AGLE), a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new generation of human enzyme therapeutics as innovative solutions for rare and other high-burden diseases, today reported its first quarter 2020 financial results, and provided recent corporate and program highlights.


“These past few months have brought unique challenges as we navigate the impact of COVID-19, and reminds us all of the critical need for healthcare innovation and new medicines. These needs are all too familiar for people with rare diseases, like Arginase 1 Deficiency, where adequate treatment options are often not available,” said Anthony Quinn, M.B Ch.B, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Aeglea. “With our recently completed financing, we have the resources to advance our pegzilarginase program for Arginase 1 Deficiency through regulatory submission and potential FDA approval. With the recent approval of our Clinical Trial Application for ACN00177 for the treatment of Homocystinuria, the company is positioned to bring forward its second clinical-stage human enzyme – both with the potential to be transformative solutions for rare genetic disorders.”

Recent Highlights & COVID-19 Update

Pegzilarginase in Arginase 1 Deficiency


Aeglea is working with treating physicians to implement individual treatment plans and potentially developing a home healthcare option for patients enrolled in the Phase 3 PEACE trial.


To date, most enrolled patients have continued to receive treatment. The Company is developing a plan to analyze results for patients that are missing data points. The Phase 3 PEACE trial protocol is designed in such a way that a patient may miss a few doses without being disqualified from the trial.


The supply chain has not experienced any significant impact at this time and the Company currently has sufficient supply available for completion of its ongoing clinical trials.


The Company expects to complete enrollment of its Phase 3 PEACE trial in the third quarter of 2020 and to provide topline data in the first quarter of 2021.


ACN00177 in Homocystinuria


In April, Aeglea announced the approval of its Clinical Trial Application (CTA) by the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for ACN00177, a novel engineered human enzyme therapy designed to treat Homocystinuria, a serious metabolic disorder characterized by elevated plasma homocysteine which leads to a wide range of life-altering complications and reduced life expectancy.


The Company continues its patient identification and administrative activities to quickly move forward with dosing patients once trial sites are able to initiate clinical trials.


While Aeglea continues to prepare to initiate a Phase 1/2 trial for ACN00177 in the second quarter of 2020, the timing will depend on determination by individual sites that each is ready to open for recruitment in light of COVID-19; the Company’s priorities at this time are to avoid further overburdening hospital staff and to minimize the risk of trial participants exposure to COVID-19.


Corporate Highlights


In April, the Company strengthened its financial position with a public offering resulting in gross proceeds of $138 million, which extended its cash runway through 2022.


The Company implemented policies and practices to protect the health and wellbeing of the Company’s employees and communities, including asking employees to work from home and implementing a work rotation for essential lab employees.


Aeglea suspended all business travel and transitioned all meetings, including conference attendance and industry events, to virtual meetings.


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Ticker: AGLE
CIK: 1636282
Form Type: 10-Q Quarterly Report
Accession Number: 0001564590-20-022403
Submitted to the SEC: Thu May 07 2020 8:34:22 AM EST
Accepted by the SEC: Thu May 07 2020
Period: Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Industry: Pharmaceutical Preparations

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