Aerosonic Corp (AIM) SEC Filing 10-K Annual report for the fiscal year ending Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aerosonic Corp

CIK: 109471

Kevin J. Purcell
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Aerosonic Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results
CLEARWATER, Fla. – April 7, 2010 - Aerosonic Corporation (NYSE AMEX: AIM), a leading supplier of precision flight products for commercial, business and military aircraft, today announced its results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2010.

Three Months Ended
Twelve Months Ended
January 31, 2010
January 31, 2009
January 31, 2010
January 31, 2009
Sales, net
  $ 6,711,000     $ 4,923,000     $ 31,136,000     $ 20,451,000  
Gross profit
    2,765,000       86,000       11,910,000       3,433,000  
Operating income (loss)
    480,000       (3,433,000 )     4,143,000       (5,772,000 )
Net income (loss)
    1,602,000       (3,865,000 )     4,261,000       (5,327,000 )
Earnings (loss) per share
  $ 0.43     $ (1.07 )   $ 1.15     $ (1.48 )
  $ 0.40     $ (1.07 )   $ 1.09     $ (1.48 )

Net sales for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2010 increased $1,788,000, or 36%, to $6,711,000 when compared to $4,923,000 for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009.  Net sales were $31,136,000 during fiscal year 2010, an increase of $10,685,000, or 52%, when compared to $20,451,000 for fiscal year 2009.  Throughout fiscal year 2010, the Company made significant progress in transitioning the business after the interruption caused by the August 2008 fire.  In that regard, the Company was successful in stabilizing and improving upon critical manufacturing and planning processes.
Gross profit increased from 2% for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009 to 41% for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2010.  Gross profit increased from 17% for fiscal year 2009 to 38% for fiscal year 2010.  During the comparable periods in fiscal 2009, the gross profit performance was negatively and significantly impacted by the effects of the fire in August 2008.  The significant improvements in gross profit performance in fiscal 2010 are due primarily to the increased manufacturing throughput combined with improvements in operational performance.


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CIK: 109471
Form Type: 10-K Annual Report
Accession Number: 0001193125-10-104552
Submitted to the SEC: Mon May 03 2010 5:11:38 PM EST
Accepted by the SEC: Mon May 03 2010
Period: Sunday, January 31, 2010
Industry: Search Detection Navagation Guidance Aeronautical Sys

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