Get Direction on your Investments…on the go

Last 10K Helps Investors Discover, Read and Share Company Financial Statements

  • Access every section of a company’s most recent financial statement.
  • View stock market data including book value, price ratios and more.
  • Download a company’s entire financial statement to Excel.
  • Share a specific section of a financial statement using e-mail.
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Windows Store Download believes in the power of open access to financial information so we developed our app to take the most important financial data from lengthy 10-K Annual and 10-Q Quarterly reports filed with the SEC and make them touch-friendly for easy discovery, reading and sharing.

Last 10K displays an in-depth catalog for every part of a company’s financial statement from earnings and revenue to cash flow trends, debt load and more. Behind each of these are detailed tables presenting raw financial values that have been optimized for mobile viewing for easy reading and sharing. Use this data to form an unbiased stock analysis and fully assess the financial health of a company.

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